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Simple habits in just 5 mins a day

I help overwhelmed, exhausted business women implement healthy habits.

Make a promise or and excuse... which one will you choose today?

As a health coach, I've helped hundreds of women transform their lives.

Most come to me for weightloss but the root of the problem is where I begin. Recovery from stress, anxiety and trauma. With me, my clients work through mindset shifts, nutritional and lifestyle changes and develop a more positve outlook on their future visions to make their transformation complete.

It really is a complete transformation into loving themselves and seeing their future with endless possibilities.

Holistic Health Coaching

I made the progression into Holistic Health Coaching 10 years ago to help women recover from past traumas.

I focus on helping you develop a connection between mental and physical with mindfulness and mindset practices, teaching you how to tune in to your own body in order to heal and recover.

Building that foundation is key to moving forward.

I understand how to help you recover from stress, anxiety & trauma because I have lived and experienced it myself.

I recovered from my own traumatic grief, anxiety & PTSD.

Book your call today to find out how I can help you.

The First Step

Working together is your first step to learning how to feel in control and calm.

This wellness journey can be scary, But I've got you.

I personally struggled alone for a long time and spent years to figure out what worked.

That’s how I came up with my 1:1 Coaching program.

Learn how to rebuild your health from the inside out, how to incorporate mindfulness, meditation, yoga and more.

I offer easy real-life solutions to everyday problems.

Living with and recovering from stress, anxiety and PTSD has helped me develop my programs with a highest level of empathy, respect and understanding to your needs.

It’s all about getting rid of what doesn’t serve you.

Wellness is a balance - mental, physical, and spiritual. To heal our bodies and minds need to work as one.

Learn how to:

  • implement 1 habit at a time
  • increase your nutrient base
  • shift your mindset

For more information, book a call with me today. Develop simple habits to thrive and enjoy an overall healthier lifestyle and wellbeing.

PD Health Services

Yoga and Wellness Retreats

PD Health Services

Get started with Yoga

Private or as a group (max. 4)

Yoga helps relax your body and calm your nervous system. As a bonus, build muscle tone and strength.

All levels are welcome.

Join us in Costa Rica for our upcoming Wellness Retreats hosted by LuxlIfe Retreats! http://www.luxliferetreats.ca

Are you overwhelmed and exhausted?

There is never a quick fix to feeling stressed out, but there are ways to take simple and quick action to see results.

Book a call with me and let's get started.

During the call, learn energy boosting and relaxation techniques that are easily added to your day and so much more.

Book your session today.

PD Health Services
PD Health Services

When you've been stressed and exhausted for so long everything can feel overwhelming.

I will guide you through the whole process as I build a personalized fitness & wellness plan to fit into your busy lifestyle.

You don’t have to think about anything while you focus on building a positive mindset and healthy body.

Personalized coaching will help you learn to create goals, set boundaries and enhance your self-confidence.

Learn how to put your health first and move your mind and body from exhausted to energized.

Click the link to book a discovery call for more information.


Meet Penny

I’ve worked in the Health and Fitness industry for 25 years and have worked with hundreds of clients.

Through my coaching, my clients learn how to apply mindfulness practice, daily meditation, better nutrition, and other stress management tools into their day-to-day living, so they can sleep better, have more clarity, and more energy.

I teach my clients that a positive mindset and daily meditation practice will enhance their physical outcome. They’re able to focus this newfound energy on what matters most to them – family, career, and activities they love.

In 2013, I was diagnosed with PTSD, anxiety & traumatic grief.

 Living a lifetime with abuse and trauma these emotional and mental challenges turned into debilitating physical ailments like asthma, IBS, inflammatory bowel, adrenal fatigue and exhaustion.

I’ve thoroughly studied how gut health and mental health effect the body. Healing both leads you towards living a healthy and energetic life. Finding balance can keep you motivated and able to manage daily stressors.

I hold a degree in Fitness Studies from Seneca College, Certifications in Life Coaching & Nutritional Counselling, Coaching for National Strength & Conditioning, Level 2 Marathon & Level 3 Triathlon, Yoga Instructor for both Ashtanga & Yin yoga.

Complementing this is my diploma in Holistic Health Coaching and

NICABM (National Institute of Clinic Applications of Behaviour Medicine) as a Second Level Practitioner.

I’ve audited numerous online courses from Stanford University, Rhodes College, and University of California on topics such as Stress on the body, Practicing Mindfulness, Secrets of Sleep Science, Mind-Body Medicine and more.

But I found my way back – back to health, back to living…back to me. And in doing so, I also found my calling.

We don’t get to choose our life, but we do choose how to respond. Addressing our health and wellness is the crucial first step towards restoration and recovery.


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PD Health Services

Jessica Skead

Penny is, quite simply, amazing to work with. She's been through a lot herself, and this allows her empathy to drive her interactions. She pushes me to be brutally honest with myself, others in my life, and to make the right changes for the right reasons. I've only been working with Penny since about mid-summer - and I've lost weight and gained a better sense of control of my life. Penny provides great one-on-one coaching, along with group sessions. Group is super helpful, working with others experiencing similar issues - not to mention watching THEM shine under Penny's guidance - it's just awesome.

PD Health Services

Michelle Sykes

Penny created a stretching recovery program when I was in great pain with a flare up of chronic glute and hamstring muscle stiffness. Her video gets right to the point, is very explanatory and informative. It's easy and effective, she thoroughly demonstrates everything. Her knowledge and concern of what she speaks of shows very much. She was very helpful to me and she genuinely cares about her clients. Thank You, Penny!

PD Health Services

Alison Babin

I completed Penny's Renewal Program at the end of 2020, and it made a huge difference in my life. This 3-month program helped my racing brain to slow down and focus on the Now. I am able to stop and just breathe now, not always be focused on the next thing. As a result, I am much less stressed and anxious, and genuinely happy. The exercise and yoga programs Penny designed for me have greatly improved my flexibility and strength. I just started the Ultimate Life Program with her and am looking forward to seeing how my life changes moving forward! Thank you so much Penny for all of your caring and guidance, you have truly improved my life!

PD Health Services

Erica Dale

Penny has done a great job of customizing a plan just for me and my particular needs (which are many!). She puts a lot of time into investigating my situation and providing suggestions and programs that work for me. Definitely recommend!