PTSD & Anxiety

learning to move beyond it.

Taking A Holistic & Healthy Approach.

You can overcome your PTSD & Anxiety and thrive!

Living with PTSD & Anxiety can be overwhelming.

Coping with Your Emotions, Mood Swings and Daily Triggers.

Dealing with the stress of family, work or social functions.

I completely understand how hard each day can feel and how stressful 

just leaving the house can be.

This isn't the easiest road to travel alone... 

And that is why I became a Health Coach

I personally struggled alone for a long time and then

 I sat back and thought, "What do I need to feel better and get through my day?"

That is how I came up with this program.

With my Education, Experience & a lot of determination I figured out what worked and what didn't. 

 All of this has allowed me to develop my online course Thriving with PTSD Coaching Series. 

This program will help you develop a healthy & holistic way to manage 

your day-to-day symptoms.

help you develop the right skills to cope and move forward in whatever you choose to do.

Learn how to manage your Triggers

Sleep better

Function without the Brain Fog Proper Exercise & Eating for

Better Gut Health.

And so much more.

My 3 month Recovery Course will give you a head start towards Mastering your PTSD & Anxiety symptoms.

I offer Real Life Solutions to everday problems

to help develop your resilience and feel confident in your own skin.

Living with PTSD & Anxiety has helped me develop this wonderful programs with a higher level of empathy, respect, and understanding to my clients needs.

 Both individually and in group settings. 

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My program will help you develop simple habits to thrive and enjoy an overall healthier lifestyle & wellbeing.

Yoga Instructor, Health & Wellness Coach, Fitness Expert, Life Coach, Nutrition

Yoga for PTSD/Anxiety (online only)

Yin is a gentle style of yoga on the body.

It's a slower paced practice to allow your body to relax 

and release tension & stress.

it will increase your flexibility

and your mobility.

Learn how to breathe deeply

to help you relax and calm your mind and body.

If you are new to yoga, this Yin practice is a great place 

to start.  

Classes for all levels. 

Expert Health Coach, Personal Development Strategist, Fitness & Wellness Expert, Lifestyle Nurtition

Hi, I'm Penny

I'm looking forward to meeting you!

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When asked what I want to do...

I want to inspire more women to reach for their dreams.

Living with PTSD/Anxiety

PTSD, Anxiety.,Stress Courses, Classes online help

What People Are Saying!

Kathy S. Sales Consultant 

I've been working with Penny to reconstruct the balance in my life and heal past traumas, she's been amazing in teaching me how to put myself first, change my negative behaviours and honour myself. 

With clearing all of my mental garbage my low back pain has gone. 

I'm able to enjoy my favourite things again. As well I’m very happy with the added definition in my legs & arms from the personalized workouts she created for me.

Maria F., Intuitive Business Consultant & Growth Strategist.

I am a Mom, a survivor of mass dysfunction, a horrible divorce and other drama. 

I met Penny in a Mastermind group and I had an immediate connection with her. 

She is a wealth of knowledge about Health, Fitness, Healing and taking care of past trauma.

Working with Penny was easy as she is gentle, compassionate and educated in how to make a positive change. 

I learned how to find a balance in every aspect of my life.

 She has also helped me with strengthening my back  through a personalized yoga program that has eliminated most of my pain and is  simply changing my life daily. 

She tailored a realistic meal plan to  combat my menopause waist fluff and I am truly grateful and impressed. Penny Hounsome is a truly ELITE Expert in her field and I would not trust my body and well being to anyone else! I Highly recommend her!

Terry C. Business Administration

I was recovering from Cancer treatment when I found Penny's program. 

After dealing with the mental and physical exhaustion, I needed a change. I needed to figure out how to let it go and start living again. 

As I worked with Penny I felt safe enough to really explore my feelings and make a change in my daily habits. Eating, exercise and even started doing yoga. It was a huge change for me. One I'm glad I did. I took a chance and it has paid off. 


Due to the delicate nature of what I Coach, I decided to make this section private. 

Please feel free to contact me personally with any questions you may have. Living and dealing with PTSD and Anxiety can take on many forms. 

Each situation is personal and I believe deserves an specific answer. 

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Enhance your wellness.

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